Welcome to my Scentsy site! I’m excited to help you with your scent needs! I’ve been in direct sales since 2001 and am so happy that I joined Scentsy in 2017! I have always loved helping people and when I hear stories from customers about how amazing their house smells or how much they love the car bars or even how they don’t dread laundry day as much, it makes me feel great! I truly enjoy my Scentsy business and I’m proud to be a part of this company.

The great thing about Scentsy is that everyone loves for their home, office, car, laundry and even their bodies to smell amazing! See the full shopping website here.

Scentsy offers a huge assortment of Wax Warmers, Wax Bars, Car Bars, Room Sprays and so much more! I’d love to help you with your fragrance needs!

Scentsy also has beautiful cold-mist diffusers and 100% natural essential oils. These have a built in LED light for a fantastic light show!

We can’t forget Scentsy for kids!! Our limited edition Scentsy Buddies come with your choice of scent pak. The Scentsy Sidekicks and Buddy Clips are super cute, too! If you see one you love, don’t wait…Buddies are limited edition and will sell out.

Are you looking for a sale? We offer a Warmer of the Month and Scent of the Month at a 10% discount. We also have a lot of discounted Scentsy in our Clearance section. Get it while you can!

Scentsy is worldwide! I’d love to help you get started with Scentsy! Scentsy is the absolute BEST company there is! Join my growing team today, I’m always here to support you! Join my AWESOME Team here.

I’m looking forward to having you as a special customer or new team member! Be sure to contact me with any questions or concerns. I’m always happy to help!

Happy shopping!